Monday, 28 September 2009

The Raves at the Warren - Folkestone

Room 6 held a couple of raves in the Summer of 1989 at the Warren in Folkestone.

With not much more than a generator, some decks and stobes the setting was amazing amongst all the trees. From the top of the Warren looking down you could hear nothing but could see the distant flicker of a strobe light.

As you climbed down the paths approaching the strobe the bass gradually got louder and louder.Probably no more than a few hundred people attended the nights, but they were memorable none the less.

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  1. We camped down there one night when we were young, didnt know there was going to be a rave going on, on the walk down we found a plastic canistor full off weed :-) set up camp, got high, then a few hours later could hear the music, thought we were tripping at first as its usually dead silent down there lol we woke up in morning and there was hippy type people all crashed out on the beach and apron, was really sureal, we hitched a lift home with some women who drove a blue bettle with all free tibet stickers and stuff in her car :-) good times