Wednesday, 14 October 2009


On 18th May 1991 Room 6 DJ's were due to play at Tranquility in London.

Unfortunately the rave had no licence. Myself and a few others met at the services on the M2 and followed the lead in the convoy who knew where it was. It appeared that he had no intention of keeping the convoy going and drove like an idiot losing everyone. I ended screeching round corners so much trying to keep up that one of my tyres burst.. I don't think anyone from our convoy made the venue. Some of my freinds who had gone up earlier made the venue but the police arrived and shut it down before it started. Sadly this was in the days before mobile phones were common place so we had no idea where it was.

Thought of the night...... Should have gone to Dance 91 at Pickets Lock..

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Global Dance 2 - TNT DJ set

This set is TNT from Global Dance 2.. It's 1991 at it's best...

The 'Room six in the house' was chopped from the last few seconds of the set and put at the begining.. but other than that it is untouched (apart from being cleaned up a bit)

Global Dance 2

The Room 6 DJ's played at lots of other promotors events.
Global Dance 2 on 20th April 1991 in Margate was a great night in 1991.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Flyer for Room 6 at the Metronome, Folkestone

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Room 6 - Rave flyer

This flyer is from 22nd December 1990 from the club nights held at Heroes in Folkestone

Room 6 - Promotional Recording

Listen to a promotional recording from Room 6 cira 1989

Folkestone Herald Article - 17th November 1989

Folkestone Herald Article - 17th November 1989

Where the teenagers were on Saturday night - The inside story on Acid House Parties in Shepway.