Friday, 27 August 2010

Room 6 on 'the zig zag path' – circa 1989

Room 6 held a party in 1989 on the ‘Zig Zag’ path on the old Toll road in Folkestone near to the Leas. If memory serves, the police stopped it fairly early into the night which was a shame. The DJ equipment etc was set up in one of the ‘caves’. It was an ideal venue and can’t think that anyone would have been disturbed due to its location.

Some pictures of the ‘Zig Zag’ path today (August 2010). The Toll road has now been closed and converted into a children’s adventure playground.


  1. I was here! Used to help out with rigs etc, took acid at the warren parties! Haha long time ago now but can remember it all clearly! These were all way before Return to the source at Brixton. Loved being there at the start. Was still putting on free parties till a few years ago. Lots of peeps have gone over to Portugal and around. Still have good friends in the 'scene' one just DJ'd at the Burning man. He was stoked. I remember the criminal justice bill coming into law while we had the rig out on the apron, the police blocked the tiny lane that let to it so people just parked up and walked. I still have some old flyers but you have them on here already! I think Gary with his purple ambulance is still knocking around Folkie! I moved away in 94/5. Still visit on occasion but don't like what has become of the place. You can't move for cackling chavs! Ah well i guess they are just bored and have not got anything new to get involved in. We were lucky, a new sound that is still going strong in all type of Techno. Long live the Free Party!!

  2. BTW J. Bond is not my real name! Anyone seen Rosi or his son Bobby about?

    1. Hello mate Geoff😉 here you've got me guessing can't believe this blog it's really cool thanks wigs just to let you know Rossi isn't with us anymore!